Our research group focuses on studying various issues related to electrochemical systems (i.e. fuel cells, electrolyzers, batteries) and cooperative/selective catalysis (i.e. design of multifunctional, selective heterogeneous catalysts) for biomass conversion. We aim to address these issues by combining state-of-the-art synthesis techniques, a number of microscopy and spectroscopy techniques, and quantum density functional theory (DFT) chemical calculations. Our group has expertise in heterogeneous catalysis, electrocatalysis, controlled chemical synthesis and quantum chemical density functional theory calculations.

  1. BulletWater splitting and CO2 reduction using solid oxide electrolyzers.

  1. BulletChemical and Electrochemical routes for conversion of biomass.

  1. BulletEngineering complex layered metal oxides for electrochemical oxygen evolution.

  1. BulletDevelopment of robust cathode materials for Li-air batteries.

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