Research Areas

  1. Bingwen’s joint papers with the Medlin group have been published in Nature Catalysis and Angewandte Chemie. Congratulations!

  1. Juliana wins second place for her oral presentation at the Joint WSU-UToledo Symposium at WSU. Congratulations!

  1. Juliana and Bingwen present their work at the annual Michigan Catalysis Society Symposium.

  1. Xiang-Kui’s and Juliana’s work has been published in the special issue of I&EC Research, 2017 “Class of Influential Researchers”.

  1. Prof. Nikolla gets promoted to associate professor with tenure.

  1. Prof. Nikolla organized the Spring ACS Catalysis program. She also presented invited talks at the meeting.

  1. Juliana receives Honorable Mention on “2016-17 Ralph H. Kummler Award for Distinguished Achievement” for her outstanding research achievements. 

  1. The Nikolla group hosted the Gaining Options – Girls Investigate Real Life (GO-GIRL) program’s Keeping in Touch (KIT) Workshop.



Positions are available for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers. 

Please contact Prof. Nikolla directly at

“Engineering the Materials of the Future for

Energy Conversion and Storage”

    The Nikolla Research Group focuses on studying various issues related to electrochemical systems (such as fuel cells, electrolyzers, batteries...), cooperative/selective heterogeneous catalysis for biomass conversion and photochemical systems. We aim to address these issues by combining state-of-the-art synthesis techniques, an arsenal of electron microscopy and spectroscopy techniques and quantum density functional theory (DFT) chemical calculations.